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Patterns for Life

An Orthodox Reflection on Charlotte Mason Education

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Patterns for Life: An Orthodox Reflection on Charlotte Mason Education

Authors Lisa Rose and Laura E. Wolfe

Published by Basilian Media and Publishing

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Excerpt 1

The first time we look into our child’s eyes and encounter the immortality that pools in their depths, we suddenly become aware of the immense responsibility we carry as parents. There are so many ways to serve the Lord in a lifetime, so many different paths to take, so much good to do; but the order of things suddenly crystallizes into a new pattern the moment we become parents.

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Excerpt 2

Somewhere in the wild exists a beautiful creature: a shining, living beast of loveliness that frolics and delights in the joy of creation. Even the Psalms sing its praises. We are speaking, of course, of the unicorn.

As much as we love the idea of the unicorn, we have never seen one with our physical eyes, and we are betting you have not either.

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by Matushka Melissa Elizabeth Naasko, author of Fasting as a Family. Read More…

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J.R.R. Tolkien Lovers!

Amid Weeping There is Joy: Orthodox Perspectives on Tolkien’s Fantastic Realm

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J. R. R. Tolkien’s vision has stirred the imaginations and hearts of countless readers across the globe to surprises and joys that seem new with each reading. In a world bereft of moral imagination, a disenchanted regime that robs the mind of how to understand and love reality, the authors in this volume approach Tolkien from the Tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church with new insights that challenge the modern moral and imaginative poverty.

The authors begin the cartographical task not only of mapping Tolkien’s brilliant worlds through the lens of the Orthodox Church’s life, but also detail how Tolkien can aid us in rescuing our own sight to see the lay of the land as it truly is: not a desiccated multiverse bereft of unity, but a cosmos filled with wonder and enchantment. Essays treat the historical background of Tolkien’s world, the mysteries of divine Providence in a Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, Tolkien’s embrace of the goodness of reality (his anti-Gnosticism), his love of friendship in opposition to modern notions of alienation, Tolkien and medieval English poetry, Orthodoxy and imaginative literature, why fantasy helps our rectify our perspective on the world, marriage in Tolkien’s legendarium, and Tolkien on the world to come.

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